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April 2011

Are you pondering the question: HOW CAN WE INCREASE OCCUPANCY AT OUR PARK?
Answer: Invest in a Virtual Tour from

For the past five years the award-winning Desert’s Edge RV Village in Phoenix, AZ, has had the Virtual Tour as part of our marketing efforts. David and Tracey first filmed our park in 2006 – and that was an unforgettable experience!

Because they are full-time RVers who have visited hundreds of parks in their travels they knew exactly what aspects of our park to film, and they had the technical skills (and tenacity) to obtain even the most difficult shots. They are also terrific at convincing guests to appear in the shots. We were absolutely amazed at the quality of that first Virtual Tour. Since then, we have had them return several times to update our tour as we continue to make changes to
enhance our guests’ experiences.

I am convinced that the Virtual Tour has positively impacted our increased occupancy. Based on feedback from guests staying at the park as well as from those booking a reservation, I believe that about 35% of our guests are staying with us because of the Virtual Tour. An example: one couple saw our virtual tour four years ago and booked with us for a month. This couple has stayed with us for at least three months each of the past four seasons. Their site rental alone has paid for our marketing investment.
I have also used the virtual tour to showcase our park at local Chamber meetings as well as national trade shows. Again, the feedback has been amazing. Time and time again, people say that the virtual tour convinced them that what we were saying about the park is actually true.

In 2008 Tracey took over the website, streamlining our site and making the Virtual Tour much more prominent on the site. Again, having an RVer who understands the RV Park Industry design and maintain our website has increased traffic to the site and given greater visibility to our Virtual Tour – the greatest component of our marketing efforts. Our guests consistently comment on the Virtual Tour by and are pleased to find the information they need to make an informed decision.

To say we’re delighted with our Virtual Tour and our website is an understatement. We’re delighted with the service and precision as well as the caring about our business that both David (AKA Alfred – ask him why) and Tracey exhibit. They’ve become good friends – to us and to many of the guests at our park.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me at 623-587-0940
or via e-mail to

Dr. Saundra Bryn, CPO
Managing Partner