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July 2006

This past winter produced a virtual tour for our website To say we are pleased with the work is a massive understatement.
I contracted with Campersview over a year before they began filming. During that year, I focused on continuing the improvements to our park. Nevertheless, when Dave and Tracey arrived to begin the filming, I was still not certain we were ready to film. They convinced me that our park looked good as it was, that I would always want to finish “just a little bit more,” and that we could update the tour as we made changes.
Having seen samples of their virtual tours, I expected an excellent product. What I received is an outstanding one. (I guess that’s because David needs to strive for total perfection – to the benefit of the park!) What pleased me so much, however, was the manner in which David (just call him Alfred; he likes that) and Tracey worked within the park (by golio). They are so personable and so earnest that our guests enjoyed being in the photo shoots for them. In fact, they were even able to get a “twenty something” to work out at 6 am, “mature” females to be photographed in the pool, and a man to move his motor home to another location for a shot.
During the months we’ve had the tour on our website, many of the folks making inquiries and reservations reference the tour. They like seeing the park before they commit to a stay. For those that haven’t looked at it, we suggest it, and they often look at it while we’re talking.
Will we work with Campersview again?
In a heartbeat. They have an excellent product – full screen, extremely high resolution – as well as a knowledge of what to showcase and how to do so.
With great pleasure and enthusiasm, the owners of Desert’s Edge RV Village highly recommend the services of
If you have any questions, please give me a call. My direct number is 602-789-6903.
Dr. Saundra Bryn, CPO
Treasurer, Dakar Enterprises, Inc.
Managing Partner, Desert’s Edge RV Village